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Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting


Schott & Company was founded by Stephen Schott, MAI in 1997. Mr. Schott has been appraising commercial, industrial, residential and special purpose properties in Santa Barbara County since 1991. Schott & Company serves a wide variety of clients and provides a myriad of valuation services:


Complex litigation requires thorough real property analysis. Schott & Company has performed a variety of services for attorneys including appraisals, market trend analysis, review appraisals, easement valuation, detrimental condition analysis  and market data studies.

From Self Contained Narrative appraisal reports of complex multi-tenant properties to 1004 form appraisals of single family residences and estates, Schott & Company is a one stop solution for commercial, residential, and special purpose real property lenders.

Schott & Company has provided a variety of appraisal services for a variety of governmental agencies. Services included condemnation (including both partial and full takings), easement valuations, fair reuse valuations, property acquisition and disposition.
Appraisal services for individuals include pre-marketing valuation, estate planning and estate tax filing (including fractional Interest discounting), due diligence, lease and sale negotiation valuations, and dispute resolution.